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Abe Chu**ye, Mad****od, himmat hai to tod: Former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta

Former BJP lawmaker Mehta’s audio clip abusing NGO worker goes viral on Social Media. Today, he launched a helpline number to hear the grievance of COVID patients and their relatives.

An audio clip purportedly containing a conversation between former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta and an NGO worker in which the former abuses and threatens the caller went viral on Whatsapp and other social media platform on Wednesday.

Mehta who had represented Mira Bhayandar in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly between 2014-2019, has launched the COVID helpline number on Wednesday at 11 am. The helpline number 9324907498 started working under banner V4U Foundation, founded by him. However, several attempts have been done to contact him but went in vain for his version over the controversy.

The 1.44 minute-long clip which was initially shared on Whatsapp groups of Haq Hai NGO, reached citizen groups, activists and media soon afterwards. However, activists said such behaviour from a public representative was unacceptable.

In the audio, the man alleged to be Narendra Mehta is heard using the filthiest of abuses while speaking to the caller, asking him “Abe Chu***a, Mad*****od, himmat hai to todkar bata hospital.

What Victim says

Asif Shaikh(Name Change), who is a founder member of the NGO said that he is aware that the audio went viral. “I did not find anything wrong when I asked a question on the hospital’s inflated bills. He opened a helpline number and his party is enjoying a majority in MBMC. So, I asked help on inflated bill issue,” said Shaikh.  

“The Family Care Hospital runs on his rented building and that’s too on hospital reserved land. The same case is with Wockhardt Hospital, there too we interfered and questioned on inflated bills issued to the relatives of the dead,” added Shaikh.  

He added that this did not go well with him and he abused me. Shaikh said that he did not lodge any complaint against Mr Mehta as he did not want to drag the issue further. However, he said that he was not aware that the audio clip will go viral. “I got to know from media when I started getting calls from reporters,” said Shaikh.

What activists say

Krishna Gupta, an RTI activist said, “This is unacceptable as such instances will only make it difficult for activists to work here. The former MLA is doing the drama in the name of Helpline number.”

“He is one of the richest people in the twin city having hotels, lavishing club, unused buildings. Why doesn’t he open his hotels and Seven-Eleven Club, schools as Quarantine centre for the public? He can easily provide it free of cost to the Government machinery for use in Corona pandemic! Isn’t it a genuine demand? (sic)” questioned Gupta.

Sadique Basha, a Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader, who appealed people and fighting for inflated hospital and electricity bills said, “The audio had reached to me also. However, it was a basic question people ask. The helpline is not for supplying chai or hot water.”

“This is not the way to speak to someone and that’s too from the former lawmaker. The former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta only appears to be taking undue advantage of his position,” said activist Basha.

Mehta, known for his closeness with former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, was in controversy early this year too when his party corporator had lodged a complained for raping her and also Mehta’s friend had threatened her.  

Note: possesses the audio clip but has not published it due to highly abusive language.

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