Spinal Cord Tumour
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Man’s long hours at laptop during lockdown developed spinal tumour, successfully operated

A successful surgery carried out by the doctors at Wockhardt Hospital and removed spinal cord tumour of a forty-year-old man with utmost skills with the help of a high precision microscope. The patient with symptoms such as back pain was troubling him for many months. His job profile involved a lot of desk sitting, working on the laptop due to work from home nature. However, lockdown added misery to his pain. After surgery, the patient has been recovered completely and can independently perform all activities of daily living within 24 hours with ease.

A team headed by Dr Girish L. Bhalerao, Consultant Orthopaedic Joint Replacement(Arthroplasty), Sports Medicine (Arthroscopy) & Spine Surgeon and Dr Ashwin Borkar, Consultant Neurosurgeon, at Wockhardt Hospital successfully done the miracle.

Life was smooth until Bhupesh Ankolekar, a 40-year-old an IT engineer encountered back pain. Due to the erratic schedule, Bhupesh treated it as an ordinary pain and neglected it. Slowly, he found it difficult to carry out his daily activities. His pain worsened during the current pandemic when the entire country is under lockdown due to coronavirus. The patient visited Dr Bhalerao at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road, on OPD basis in the first week of May.

After going through a medical history and a thorough physical and clinical examination, the patient was asked for an MRI wherein it was revealed that there was a large multi-level intradural homogeneous tumour of size 3.5 X 1.8 X 1.8 cm within the spinal cord spacing the entire extent with severe compression of the nerve roots in the proximal Lumbar region.

Bhupesh could not get any family members to accompany him during hospitalization, due to various reasons. However, the patient underwent a successful tumour excision surgery at Wockhardt Hospital.

What They Say

“The tumour was inside the dural coats of the spinal cord and was near the nerve roots of Cauda Equina with an impending syndrome of signs and symptoms. Thoroughly, the patient was explained about the risks related to nerve root damage due to such nature of the tumour. This long surgery required a specialized operation theatre with advanced logistic facilities. It needed a high precision microscope to increase the success rate of the surgical outcome”, said Dr Bhalerao.

Dr Ashwin Borkar explained, “The excised tumour was encapsulated, pedunculated, and put mechanical pressure on the nerve roots. The tumour was removed entirely in toto with no remnants. It took 4 hours for the entire surgery.”

“Post-surgery, the patient started recovering with no pain and could resume his activities of daily living within 24 hours. The patient was discharged after 3 days of post-operation care and rehabilitation. Within 24 hours, the patient recovered completely and can independently perform all activities of daily living,” Dr. Borkar.

“My parents and wife were shocked after the diagnosis. Not only me, but the entire family was also terrified when they heard about the spine surgery after concerns mentioned by my friends and relatives. We were afraid of complications especially for risk to sensory-motor function or even to life,” said Bhupesh.

“We thank the hospital, the doctors and nurses who took care of me not only during my stay at the hospital but during post-op follow-up as well. Dr Girish Bhalerao’s approach was very comforting and gave us confidence. He is a very skilled and talented Surgeon and exceptionally humble to answer all the doubts,” delightedly conveyed Mr Bhupesh.

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