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Renovation of flat in a 40-year-old building endanger lives of elderly couple

Renovation permission given by Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) to a flat holder in a 40-year-old building in Vinayak Nagar at Bhayandar (West) has endangered the lives of an elderly couple and their family.  The roof’s plaster of the lower floor is constantly collapsing on while the walls of the flats developed cracks due to hammer’s force applied due to the demolition work. However, MBMC’s executive engineer rolled the table towards his senior and said if senior orders then he would revoke the permission.

About 40 years ago, the New Baldev building was constructed during the Municipal Council era.  The Jagani family resides on the second floor of the building while Ranjan Pandey, an elderly woman, lives with her husband, daughter and grandchild on the first floor. “Though the building is in a dilapidated condition, Jagani started major renovation work in the flat. Due to this, the plaster of our roof started collapsing. The wall cracked. I also complained about this to the MBMC on September 19,” said Hema, Ranjan Pandey’s daughter.

On September 25, Deepak Khambit, an Executive Engineer from the PWD, allowed Jaganis to do the repairs. However, after Hema complaint again, on September 28, Khambit revoked the renovation permission. Two days later, on October 1, Khambit again allowed Jagani to continue repair work. For this, he cited the report of PWD Engineer Prashant Narvankar.

What victims say

Though Pandey, a member of the housing society, her permission has not sought for the renovation. “They continue the work in the afternoon. They don’t even allow us to sleep. We both are sick. We are living in a dangerous situation,” said Ranjan Pandey.

“Immediately, MBMC should stop the work and a case should be registered against all of them. MBMC should suspend the concerned officers for playing the lives of the people. This type of renovation’s permission may result in the collapse of dilapidated buildings and loss of many lives,” said Hema.

However, Mr Khambit refused to comment on the development. He said, “If senior orders then I would revoke the permission.”

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