Dump yard in Uttan, Bhayandar
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Mountain of Garbage falls from dump-yard, damage eight houses in Uttan

Garbage piles up at the dump-yard of Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) fell on houses at Dhaavgi Village near Uttan in Bhayandar on Saturday night due to heavy rains, causing extensive damage to eight houses. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. However, the properties were severely damaged.

The heavy rains caused garbage from the dump-yard to flow along with rainwater and fall on residential houses. A timely evacuation saved 25 lives of the residents. However, houses of Suresh Kadam, Lilabai Kadam, Vikas Jagtap, Wahid Khan, Mohammad Rabe, Pappu Khan, Raju Devkate, Sameer Pathan and Zarina Khan were damaged.

Thane Collectorate had allotted the free government land to MBMC on Dhaavgi Hill for the solid waste project. However, thanks to the generosity of the MBMC officials and the people’s representatives, a large number of encroachments have taken place in this area. On the other hand, the municipality has also dumped a large amount of illegal waste without any processing here, which has created a mountain of garbage.

Corporator Sharmila Gandoli informed that the fire brigade personnel, Uttan Coastal Police, Municipal officials and Disaster Management team timely evacuated the people and shifted to a safe place.

Due to the rapid flow of garbage and water, houses are damaged. This has panicked the residents. The fire brigade personnel rushed to the spot for help. As a precaution, the power supply of the area was discontinued cut off.

“On Saturday night, with the help of the disaster management team, fire brigade and police, the residents of the affected areas have been evacuated to other places. We are appealing citizens should also be vigilant as it is a rainy day,” said Ajit Muthe, Deputy Commissioner, Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation.

What a waste

The jurisdiction of MBMC generates around 550 metric tonnes per day, with an addition of 10 tonnes of industrial and biomedical waste. However, contractors appointed by the MBMC have been off-loading tonnes of garbage near the dump-yard in Uttan leads to alarming levels of air and water pollution. Earlier, villagers had done a violent protest demanding the relocation of the dump-yard. However, nothing happened since then. Villagers’ complaint that none of the standard operating procedures was being followed and unbearable stint is causing health issue for them.