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Two suicide cases within hour shock Mira Road

Youth found hanging in the garden, while the woman ends life in a flat

Two different cases of suspected suicides within some hours have shocked the people of the Shanti Park area of Mira Road. Both the deceased were in their twenties. However, according to the police, suicide notes were not recovered in both cases.

While in the first case, the 22 years old youth ends his life in a garden while the lady hanged herself with the ceiling in an apartment where she was staying in a live-in relationship.  

First Case

On Thursday morning, the youth was found hanging with the frame of the swing set up in the Mahavir Udyan, a municipal garden. The deceased has been identified as Rahul Yadav. Significantly, he was a resident of the Gokul Village area in Mira Road and was unemployed. Nevertheless, a girl has registered an NC against the deceased for harassing and abusing her.

“He used a wire to hang himself. We received information about the incident in the wee hours of Thursday. He seems to be a drug addict,” said an official.

However, lack of police patrolling has made this municipal garden a haven for alcoholics, junkies and peddlers who frequented the place mostly during the night time, alleges resident.

Second Case

In the second case, a woman (27) has allegedly ended her life. She hanged herself to the ceiling of the apartment in Shanti Park area. “The woman was living with her partner in a live-in relationship. However, Mira Road police have detained him for further investigation,” said the official.

Sandip Kadam, Sr PI of Mira Road Police Station said, “We have registered the Accidental Death Reports (ADR) in both the cases. We sent both the dead bodies for autopsy at the Tembha Hospital. However, post-mortem reports are awaited. Probing officers are conducting detailed investigations in both cases.”

Police have not recovered any suicide note in both cases.

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