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Shocking! Missing ‘Malaika’ victim’s family keep visiting police station, police perform last rites as ‘unidentified’

A strange case of Kashimira Police’s negligence has come to light. As of, the family of a missing ‘Malaika fraud’ victim Glenn Pereira continued to search him in hospitals and police stations, police performs the last rites of the dead body, tagging it as ‘unidentified’. However, recently family came to know about the negligence of the police.

63-year-old Glenn Pereira, a resident of Srishti Complex in Mira Road went missing on September 20. The next day, the sleuths of the Kashimira Police Station found a dead body in the area. Police has done the panchnama and declared the body as ‘unidentified’. Police sent the dead body to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hospital, Bhayandar for autopsy. Later, put the body in morgues without any further investigation.  

They found dead a short distance from his home a day after he went missing and cremated him 22 days later. However, continued to search for him for over a month without bothering to check their records.

On October 1, Glenn’s wife Rita lodged a missing report of Glenn at the same police station. She informed the police that her husband is addicted to alcohol. He stays away from home for several days. However, due to not being able to contact him for the last 10 days, the police had to file a missing report. The police asked him to find Glenn in the hospitals. After this, the family made several rounds of all the hospitals. However, after searches, the family found him nowhere.

Pereira headed out of a home on September 20 to meet officials of Malaika Multi-state cooperative credit society. He had invested in the firm. However, he didn’t return. MBVV Police has arrested four officials of the ‘Malaika’ credit including chairman Gilbert Baptist and three directors.

Glenn’s daughter and commissioner intervene

Glenn’s daughter Eureka Gomes alleged that the police to cover their negligence tried to hide the matter from them. Police found the body on October 21 near the Srishti Complex. The family used to visit the police station twice a week. According to the Times of India report, social activist Abraham Mathai intervened in the case. After this, on December 04, the family met Mira Bhayander – Vasai Virar Police Commissioner Sadanand Date. After that, the case has sorted out.

The police station got a call from the commissioner and asked for a photo of that unknown body. When both photos were matched, the family identified the ‘unidentified’ body as Glenn’s body.

Family equally responsible

Sanjay Hazare, Senior Police Inspector, Kashimira police station, said: “Department action will take place against Suresh Shinde, probing officer, if we found his negligent.”

However, Hazare also blames the family as well for approaching them late. “They came very late to complain and gave us an old photograph. The snap bore no resemblance with the body that we had found. They also told us that Pereira had a habit of staying away from home often. It’s possible that police has assumed that he would eventually return,” Mumbai Mirror quotes Hazare.

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