Shocking! Mother arrested for auctioning teen daughter’s virginity at Rs 1.25 lakhs
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Shocking! Mother arrested for auctioning teen daughter’s virginity at Rs 1.25 lakhs

In a shocking incident, a Navi Mumbai Police has arrested 40-year-old woman, a resident of Mira Road for allegedly auctioning her teenage daughter’s virginity and pushing her into flesh trade, on Monday. Significantly, a team of Deputy Commissioner of Police Pravin Patil successfully held the operation.

“The mother has demanded Rs 1.50 lakhs from a customer for her daughter’s virginity. However, the deal was locked at Rs 1.25 lakhs. On August 28, police sent a decoy customer. Police arrested the woman after she struck a deal and brought her daughter to a designated hotel on Monday,” said Pravin Patil.

A 40-year-old woman living in Mira Road has auctioned her 18-year-old daughter’s virginity. After the woman learned about her daughter’s virginity status, she decided to take advantage of this. She started looking for a client who wanted to have sex with the girl who had not violated her virginity.

However, the news spread in the ‘khabri’ network. The informant informed about this to the Arjun Garad, Senior Police Inspector of the Anti-Human Trafficking Prevention unit.

On August 31, the decoy customer, on behalf of the woman, booked a room in the Kohinoor Palace Lodging and Boarding at Shirvane Village in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The woman came with her daughter in an Indica car. The girl accompanied with the decoy customer after her mother talked to him briefly. Shortly after, the dummy customer alerted the police through his mobile. A police team led by Pravin Patil raided the lodge. The police arrested the accused from the spot. However, the police sent the victim to a Women Welfare Home.


A case has been registered at Nerul Police Station under Section 370(Buying or disposing of any person as a slave) of the IPC, including Sections 4(living on the earnings of prostitution) and 5(taking a person for the sake of prostitution) of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956.

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