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Islamophobia? Man arrested for refusing to accept delivery from Muslim boy

Here is a classic example that how the electronic media and political gainers are essaying Islamophobia in people’s mind. A man has been arrested by the Kashimira Police for allegedly refusing to accept his order from a Muslim delivery boy. He has reacted so, because recently he saw the news that Muslims are behind spreading the coronavirus in India.

The accused has been identified as Gajanan Chaturvedi(51), a resident of Jaya Nagar, near Royal College in Mira Road.

Sanjay Hazare, Senior Police Inspector said, “The boy Barkat Patel had gone to deliver goods to the house of the accused. The accused asked his name and subsequently turned him away. Tersely, saying that he won’t accept the delivery from a Muslim.”

The boy filmed the act of the man which went viral on social media on Tuesday. Chaturvedi was booked under Section 295 (A) (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage reli­gious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or reli­gious beliefs) of the Indian Penal Code. He was produced in court on Wednesday, where Judge has been remanded him to police custody.

The incident has taken placed on Tuesday morning at around 9.40 am. Due to total lockdown, Supriya Chaturvedi, wife of Gajanan, had placed an order over the phone at a grocery store. However, delivery of grocery is allowed in the lockdown if placed an order over the phone or MBMC home delivery app.

What happened

A 32-year-old delivery boy Barkat Patel when reached the gate of the complex, he rang Supriya’s phone to come down and accept the delivery. Supriya came downstairs from her third-floor apartment, Gajanan also came along with her and asked the boy’s name. “I said my name is Patel then he insisted on a full name. When I said my full name, he refused to accept the delivery and said main Muslims ke haath se delivery nahi lunga. This Islamophobia essayed by the agenda media is really harming the secularism fabric of this country,” said Patel.

“Every day, I deliver grocery to more than 35 houses. Most of them ask for water some even offer breakfast. This is the first time, I encounter with a man who asked my name,” Patel further said.

Then he drag his wife and went back inside the building, added Patel.

Police action

On Tuesday night, Barkat lodges complaint against Gajanan Chaturvedi at Kashimira Police Station. Police arrested him on Wednesday and produced him in court. A judge has sent him to police custody.

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