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Four-year-old toddler dies after falling into sewage tank

A four-year-old toddler has lost her life after falling into a sewage tank in Kashimira. On the occasion of Diwali, children were bursting off firecrackers under a flyover bridge in Kashimira area on WEH, when the incident happened on Sunday evening.

The toddler was identified as Afifa Mustafa Ansari.

A new toilet has been constructed near Nilkamal Naka in Kashimira area. On the Diwali eve, the children were setting off firecrackers on Sunday evening in the open space next to it. After playing, most of the children returned home. However, Afifa did not come back home. So, her search began. The entire night, relatives combed the area. After searching for quite long, they reported missing complaint at the Kashimira Police Station. Police began the search.

Mustafa’s family, who reside at Malad, came to Mira Road to visit her relative.

 “Some of our relatives come from Malad to search her,” said Mustafa Ansari, deceased father.

Later, her body recovered from the septic tank of the newly build toilet under the bridge. However, the septic tank was found to be without the lid.

Municipal negligence

“If the septic tank had a lid, my daughter would have survived. My daughter died because of the MBMC administration‘s negligence. I’m seeking action against the concerned officials,” said Mustafa Ansari, deceased father.

Dhruvkishor Patil, senior BJP Corporator, also visited the spot and assured for the action against the concerned authority. He said, “I will meet MBMC Chief Dr Vijay Rathod and asked him to take action against the culprit. Why the sewage tank was left open and whose negligence part is this?”

However, Kashimira Police have taken the dead body in its possession and sent for the autopsy at Tembha Hospital, Bhayandar West.

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