Biker dies in Bhayandar after tree branch falls on him
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Biker dies in Bhayandar after tree branch falls on him

A 41-year-old biker died on the spot after a tree branch collapsed on him at Bhayandar, while his son, who was a pillion rider, survived luckily. Bhayandar Police have registered an accidental death and started an investigation into the case.

Jagram Prajapati was residing near Subhash Chandra Bose Maidan in Bhayander West. He was on his way to Bhayandar Railway Station on Saturday afternoon. At that time, his 18-year-old son Amit was also with him on a bike as a pillion rider. Suddenly a tree branch near Cross Garden fell on his bike at around 10:10 am.

Jagram Prajapati died on the spot

Jagram lost control of the bike and fell. He died on the spot. His son jumped off the bike just in time. However, he received minor bruises. Eyewitnesses said that the duo did not wear a helmet at the time of the accident. The incident captured in the CCTV camera install in one of the shops nearby. However, the tree is on private land.  

The cause of the collapse is unclear

Passersby and motorists helped the victim. Jagram Prajapati was rushed to Indira Gandhi Civil Hospital, Mira Road. He was pronounced dead on arrival. The cause of the sudden fall of a tree branch is being investigated.

Jagram Prajapati was working as a POP artist. Jagram Prajapati’s family is saddened by the death of a poor man.

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation’s (MBMC) Garden Department officials rushed to the spot. The fallen branch that had blocked vehicular traffic was later moved away.

Locals said that though the tree was on a private land its branches were dangerously spreading on the busy road. Significantly, huge heaps of debris were found lying around the tree, which weakens the tree branch.

Bhayandar Police has registered an accidental death case. “The owner of the property is being ascertained and will be questioned. Further investigation is on,” said Manisha Patil, an Investigation Officer in the case.

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