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Anti-Social elements will not be spared, will extern them: DCP Amit Kale

Newly constitute Mira Bhayandar – Vasai Virar (MBVV) Police Commissionerate under IPS Sadanand Date has become very active. Senior officers have pressure to make a city, crime-free. However, as it is newly constituted and there is a vast difference between the working pattern of rural police and commissionerate, now there will be more cases coming to the fore. Amit Kale, Deputy Commissioner of Police, MBVV who has taken the charge recently said that they want to make the jurisdiction crime-free. “Police will not spare the Anti-social elements and if need persists then we will extern the criminals from the area,” said DCP Amit Kale.

Kale said, “We have made a special plan. We are making the local police administration more active. We are channelling our informers’ network especially against drug paddlers, illegal mushrooming spa & salons running prostitution racket, massage parlours, tobacco smugglers etc.”

He also said that the process has been started under the guidance of the Police Commissioner and Municipal Commissioner for installing the CCTV cameras in the twin city. “Citizens should also help the administration in bringing down illegal activities. They should be vigilant and inform the police about it,” said the DCP.  

“There is a difference between the working pattern of rural police and city police. If the citizen has any kind of complaint, then they can inform the control room. The police will help them. Approach the local police station and if they are not listening then inform the senior. We are here to help,” said DCP Amit Kale.

Traffic Menace

Traffic and parking menaces are one of the biggest problems in the twin city. DCP Kale said that Municipal Corporation provides parking spot to the Traffic Department. However, there are shortages of space in Mira Bhayandar. “That’s why we can’t seize the illegally parked vehicles. We have a limitation. However, we can put the jammer in vehicles. There are 95 corporators in the MBMC if one corporators funds to 10 Jammers then we can solve the problem to some extent,” said DCP Amit Kale.

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