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Slum-dwellers protest against ‘forcefully’ Antigen Testing outside MBMC headquarters

Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has started an Antigen Testing to find coronavirus patients and get instant test reports. Fed up with the regular and ‘forcefully’ conducting the antigen testing of the residents of a slum in Ganesh Deval Nagar in Bhayander West, some women from the area entered the MBMC headquarters and protested against the test on Monday.

They forcibly opened the gate of the MBMC headquarters and protested inside the premises.  The slum dwellers alleged that the MBMC employees along with contract employees, police and bouncers doing the antigen test randomly by catching anyone they meet. “This is a daily routine and even if someone has already tested, they test them again. They just wanted to admit patients by showing them COVID-19 positive,” said the angry protestor.

Women alleged, “Forcibly testing caused injuries to the noses of children and women. Also, the rules imposed due to lockdown from the past five months have made it time them unemployed. Therefore, we had agitated at the entrance of the MBMC.”

They also shouted the slogan ‘Change the Commissioner’.

“We suspected that someone has provoked these women and brought them to protest against the MBMC. We are here for the betterment of the twin city. To cease the spread of the infection, we are working day and night. Someone has misled the innocent slum dwellers,” said the sources from the MBMC.

Chase the Virus 2.0

The second round of the chase-the-virus plan envisages a strategy in order to break the chain of the deadly coronavirus by a massive screening drive aimed at reducing mortality, while further improving the rate of recovery on the virtue of early detections and timely treatment.

In the first phase, as many as 2.97 lakh homes were surveyed and 8,36,422 people were screened. Unlike last time’s five-day limited action plan, the civic administration, in an attempt to optimize the quality of the survey, has deputed 382 teams which have been given deadlines in accordance with the density of population to be covered in 10 designated zones.