COVID ambulances use to carry trashes
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Shocking! COVID ambulances used to carry trashes

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC), ambulances staff once again invited the controversy. This time, COVID ambulances which used to carry the patients were caught on camera while travelling with scrap material, dust bins and empty bottles of packed water.

As private ambulances either takes hike prices or not available at the time of need, people depend mainly on these contractual ambulances. Significantly, MBMC paying Rs 2 lakhs to the contractor as rent for each ambulance. Earlier, Corporation has paid Rs 46 lakhs as the rent of these ambulances, which had invited the controversy.  

Even, an officer at the MBMC has taken the incident leniently.  “Yes, somebody has informed about it. We have warned the concerned authority in this regard. However, if they repeat it, then strict action will be taken against those responsible,” said Sambhaji Waghmare, Dy.MC (Health).

Repeated offence

Earlier, Bhayandar Police had booked six contractual workers for indulging in a liquor party inside COVID ambulances. The incident took place inside the premises of Tembha Hospital at Bhayandar West in early September. The police rounded up six people including the ambulance driver and five contractual workers attached to MBMC’s sanitation department.  The police accused Sameer Gadghe, Vilas Majande, Ajay Khandare, Ravishankar Gupta, Balkrishna Maachi and Gaurav Paste of partying.

MBMC has not taken any concrete action against the culprits. Corporation has issued just a show caused notice to the contractor. According to sources, the contractor has political backup. That’s why no one dares to take action against them. No action also exposing the kid-glove treatment given to them by the civic administration and the ruling governance.

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