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MBMC launches ‘Home Delivery’ mobile app for benefit of ‘Naya Nagar’ residents

A new app for online delivery of essential commodities has been launched by the Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). This app will be called ‘MBMC Home Delivery’. MBMC has decided to launch the app for the residents of Naya Nagar initially as most of the COVID-19 patients are from this area. Corporation has permitted ‘online and home delivery’ services from 9 am to 9 pm.

City denizens can use the app for placing orders of essential commodities with grocery, dairy and medicine stores as well as restaurants. Their requirements will be delivered at the doorsteps, MBMC officials said. MBMC is implementing this service to curb the effect of Coronavirus and for maintaining social distancing.

‘Downloading procedure’

The mobile app ‘MBMC Home Delivery’ has been developed by a team of IT experts. However, MBMC concealed the info about the developer and manager of the app. However, the app is uploaded on Google Play Store by AiCraft OPC Private Ltd. Users can download ‘Home Delivery’ app through Google Play Store for Android handset. “Initially, this app is for Naya Nagar residents, those are using android handsets. However, we are in the process to developed for iOS platform users also,” informed Rajkumar Gharat, Public Relation Officer, MBMC.  

To reduce the time gap between the order placed and goods delivered, MBMC has made an inventory of local shops. Yet, there are very few grocery stores had registered on this app. Once the list is ready, the civic body will promote the app among the customers, asking them to download and use it.

The app is free for all consumers on Android platform. Once logged in with a mobile number, users can select buyers and seller’s option. Buyers can find their nearest shops from a list and place orders. Once the shopkeeper is ready to deliver the goods, the user will be notified via push notifications. The user can also call the store in which the order has been placed to find out the recent status. A call button is integrated into the app.

Benefits of ‘MBMC Home Delivery’

This app will enhance social distancing and people need not step out of their homes during the lockdown. That’s why, the app is initially launched in Naya Nagar, the area which is most affected due to Coronavirus, as per MBMC statement.   

Joining procedure for shops

To join, shop owners can download the app and create an account by filling the name, Business establishment name, phone number and an address of the shop.  “They need to add products they are selling with prices. Cart process is there like other online shopping apps. They will then be listed and shops will be ‘live’ within five minutes,” said Gharat, PRO, MBMC.

MibhaTimes.com Verdict

In its initial review, the mibhatimes.com says that the interface is good but yet confusing. The registration process is easy; however, shop owners are not aware of the payment mode. Quantity can be selected in kilogram or litre but not in a fraction of grams. A detailed review of the app will be given in a day or two.  

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