MBMC Commissioner Dr Rathod on Chase the Virus
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Fines up to Rs 2000 For Lockdown Violators In Mira-Bhayandar

Mira Bhayandarkar will face stricter penalties for lockdown violators as coronavirus cases in the twin city has crossed 4300 amid strict lockdown and strong criticism from the people after the old commissioner transferred.

New MBMC Commissioner Dr Vijay Rathod on Monday issued an advisory and empowered health and police officials to impose fines up to Rs 2,000 for violations of COVID-19 rules. A fine of Rs 500 will be imposed for first-time offenders. Rs 1,000 for repeat offenders or action under relevant sections or both, the statement read.

Commissioner orders to take action against the offender under sections 188, 269 and 270 of IPC. Section 115 of the Maharashtra Police Act, 1951 will also be imposed on violators.  

Rule violations, including not maintaining social distancing, not wearing a mask in public places, spitting in public places will cost a fine. Consumption of paan, gutka and tobacco in public places will also invite the penalties, according to a circular.

In case of failure to pay spot penalty, action will be taken against lockdown violators.

The stricter rules come after Mira Bhayandar recorded over 300 cases in 24 hours on Sunday.

Fine for spitting and social distancing

Spitting in public places will also be made an offence punishable with a fine or jail term. A fine of Rs 200 will be imposed for the first-time offender. If it gets repeated then a double fine or police action will be taken against the accused or both. In shops and other business establishments, the presence of people to a minimum of 3 meters social distancing between two customers is mandatory.

Marking is also made compulsory outside the shops and other business establishments. If violated the rules then Rs 200 fine will be imposed on customers and Rs 2000 fine for the owner or shopkeepers. Even at workplaces, wearing masks has been made mandatory and wearing them casually will invite penalty. Repeat offenders will be fine twice and police action as per the above-said sections will be charged.   

Sunday’s report

In the last 24 hours, 125 people were cured of the disease which has killed lakhs across the globe. The tightening of measures follows the number of COVID-19 infections going past the 300-mark a day. With 303 fresh cases on Sunday, the total number of infections in the twin city went up to 4313. However, the number of total recoveries stands at 3,071 leaving 1081 active cases. With four more death registered in the last 24 hours, the death toll has gone up to 162. Though fresh cases are at 133 — the number of secondary infections are also on the rise with 170 cases on Sunday. According to officials, 1307 reports of swab are still awaited by the MBMC.