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COVID-19 positive cases cross 2,000 mark, death tally reaches 99

Mira Bhayandar gasped as 66 COVID-19 cases were reported on Friday with four succumbed to coronavirus infection. The highest number of cases in a day was 145 recorded on June 11, while 139 recorded on June 16. The total number of COVID-19 positive cases cross 2000 mark on Friday and now stands at 2016. However, the death tally touches to 99.

The statistics related to COVID-19 from Friday made people take notice of the situation for more than one reason. Besides the number of cases crosses 2000 mark, four more COVID patients succumbed to the virus making the tally reaches 99. This is the 22nd consecutive day of COVID deaths reported in the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) jurisdiction. The highest death reported on June 3, when eight succumbed to the novel coronavirus infection.  

The format of the medical bulletin was changing, again and again, leading to confusion while interpreting the data. This was criticised as it was difficult to make sense of the data without clarifications.

Officials confirmed that the cumulative number of active cases, discharged and deaths add up to 2016. However, state government details in the bulletin give another number of 1995. It means COVID-19 positive cases has not cross 2000 mark. According to official information on Covid-19 tests, the MBMC had conducted 5621 swab tests till Friday. Among these, 3205 people tested negative while 400 people reports are still awaited.

Officials from the State Health Department said they have separated the cases detected locally from that of migrants, foreign evacuees and deportees.

Out of 2,016 cases are detected, 789 are active cases, while 1128 were discharged and 99 have died.

Recovery and death rate

The recovered rate of Mira Bhayandar is 55.95% highest among the state and Thane district average of 50.48% and 42.61%. However, the report is worrisome about the death rate in the twin city. While the state and Thane district death rates are 4.77 and 3.19% whereas Mira Bhayandar recorded 4.91%.    

Friday’s report

Sixty-six new COVID-19 positive cases were reported in Mira-Bhayandar. However, 80 people have been recovered from COVID-19, which is the second-highest discharged in a day. On June 16, 97 people had been discharged after completely recovering. Of the 66 cases detected on Friday, 42 are new cases while 24 are a close contact of earlier detected positive patients.

The youngest among Friday’s cases was a 2.5-year-old boy from Ambedkar Nagar slum area in Bhayandar (West) who is suspected to have contracted the infection from one of her family members who had tested positive for the virus earlier. The oldest among them was a 95-year-old woman residing in a housing society at Geeta Nagar, Phase 10, Opp. Golden Nest Circle in Mira Road. The female was an isolated case.

Mira-Bhayandar has registered a three-fold rise in COVID-positive cases within the past 21 days, and the number of deaths has increased four times.

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